Why You Need Event Instant Photo Magnets At Your Next Function

Why You Need Event Instant Photo Magnets At Your Next Function - image  on https://magnetme.com.au

Having a magnet photographer is among the best methods of adding a unique aspect of fun to your next function. Chances are that you’ve already heard of this from your family members, colleagues, or friends. Photo magnets have taken the event sector by storm and are this year’s go-to event mementoes.   

Here are the top reasons why this new fad has received so much traction among many people.

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Magnetic Photo as a Keepsakes for Everybody

This type of memorabilia is enjoyed by everybody – from adults to the young ones. Even grandpa and grandma would love to bring back a bespoke souvenir that reminds them of the fun memories experienced at the event.

Your guests won’t be distracted

One thing about old photo booths is that they can be very engaging for the guests. It tends to take away the guests from the actual event and shifts their attention to the booth. Be it a corporate event, a wedding, or a bar mitzvah, your guests ought to be in the moment, enjoying the celebration with you and other attendees.

For Russell Betland, an Australian pest control entrepreneur, not getting caught up in a photo booth makes the experience that much better. “I’ve been to many events where people just line up to take a photo, but with a roving cameraman who can instantly print out a photo magnet, it’s a welcome distraction. Even then, it isn’t really a distraction.”

With an on-site, roaming magnet photographer, special moments can be captured and all everybody has to do is revel in the celebrations.

Why You Need Event Instant Photo Magnets At Your Next Function - image  on https://magnetme.com.au

Everlasting Memorabilia

Prepared using state-of-the-art photo printing, you can be certain that these keepsakes will last for a very long time. Your prized photos will be laminated and protected from UV light, heat, and water. Apart from quality printing, your magnetic pictures will have a powerful magnetic backing attuned with any magnetic surface.  You won’t even require a frame like the case of a printed photo. They are ready to be exhibited!

Photo Magnets are an excellent conversation piece

Given their unique appearance, photo magnet souvenirs are good conversation starters. Nothing beats seeing a special moment getting captured in a photo that you can relive with your family and friends. 

Samuel Northfield, a waste removal specialist, says that nothing sparks intrigue much like a photo of people at an event. “It may seem a little silly, but seeing people together and having a good time is something that people like to talk about. They’ll ask about who’s in the photo magnet on the fridge? how you know them?. It truly does spark a bit of a conversation.”

When you have visitors in your house, you can show them the photo magnets on your fridge and talk all about that fun you had at the Birthday Party or the Engagement Party you attended and the fun you experienced during those beautiful time.

Why You Need Event Instant Photo Magnets At Your Next Function - image  on https://magnetme.com.au

You won’t spend too much

It’s not unusual to see event services being overpriced given how most of them need complex setups, heavy equipment, and big teams. Considering how the process of making photo magnets is easy and you only require 1-2 awesome staff members on-site, you’ll be happy to hear our services are quite cost-effective.

For telecommunications mogul Neil Royle, company events can often spiral out of control in terms of costs, so it’s important to have activities for guests that won’t cost an arm and leg. “When you put on an event, it’s a representation of your company and yourself. But sometimes spending more on an event doesn’t always work, so having something like photo magnets is not only unique but also memorable for any guests.”

When you’re planning your next party, make sure that Magnet Me is a part of it. With instant photo magnets provided, everyone will want a piece of the action.

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