about photo magnets

Magnet-Me has always been about passion and experience. Our humble beginnings and how we came up of photo magnets were actually about those.

It started with our passion in doing event photography. We have attended many events – mostly weddings – and we saw how guests always enjoy having their photos taken by us. A few of them would easily grab a friend and pose with a smile whenever they us bringing cameras and taking photos and, oh, how we love the joy in their faces! Others would opt to also have use take photos of them using their phones.

About Event Photo Magnets

At some occasions, we have experienced being in events and witnessing how people crowd and line-up for photo booths. Again, we saw how people love to have their photos taken as a memory of an event they attended. With all the fun props to play around and three or more shots, all they get is a strip of photo with a plain background to pin or frame in their homes.

Notice something wrong in those situations? We did – and that’s what inspired the creation of our photo magnets.

We know how people would love to get hold of those photos. Having the official event photographer take your photos would guarantee you of copies to those photos – but your guests won’t. You’d have a photo book or prints, but your guests have nothing to bring.

A couple observing the About Event Photo Magnets
People holding photo magnets

This is why most people would hire photo booths in their events, so guests can have a memento on their own. But the photo strips printed lack life and color. The plain background doesn’t speak too much of the happy and lively moments in the event.

With those considered, – plus our passion in photography and event experiences – we thought  of combining atmosphere, ambience, emotions, and memories into one beautiful and useful photo fridge magnet.

Through the years, Magnet-Me has proven to be an amazing event bonbonniere for everyone to enjoy.

We capture the life in the party with you and your guests in it and have them printed beautifully as a photo magnet. A great bonus is you can easily stick it on the fridge or any magnetic surface. No need to buy a frame or use a separate magnet to put it on the fridge, or damaging your memento with a pin.

To date, we continue to let our passion spark in our client’s’ events. We capture the best moments that you and your guests would love to talk about in the future. We print on quality magnets to make sure that these beautiful reminders of the good times would last.


Magnet-Me’s goal is simple: we want you to have something to remind you of a lasting memory.

We capture the best moments during the event that would not only revolve around you, but also your guests. You get to see how much they have enjoyed and was a part of a wonderful life event.

Our quality prints assure you that the photo magnets that you and your guests would get would last longer than other photo fridge magnets.

At Magnet-Me, we make sure that you’ll have these memories imprinted in your mind, and fridge magnets, to cherish forever.