You create memories, we help you capture them.

We all create memories we want to capture. However, nowadays, while many of us are able to document events and special occasions in our lives, we fail to display them. Our photos simply reside in our phones, memory cards and hard drives, never to be printed out. While a lot of us may be into photography, our photos are more likely to stay stored and are unlikely to be displayed. This no longer has to be the case.

We at Magnet-Me offers you a photo booth alternative for your event. We provide you with instant photo magnets that your guests can bring home with them after the festivities end. Our photo magnets for events give them a piece of your event that they can bring home with them.

Long-lasting and durable, our photo magnets make unique and wonderful souvenirs that your guests will love to have, keep and display. Photos no longer stay stored. They are printed out to be enjoyed. You and your guests can display these photo magnets on the fridge or memo board so all of you are reminded of the magic, fun and excitement you experienced during the event that was held. After all, moments are fleeting; but these party favours will last for a very long time.

If you want to learn more about us, and how photo magnets Melbourne can help you capture beautiful and meaningful moments during your event, drop us a line today!

Why choose us?

What makes Magnet-Me different from the rest? Why should you opt for our service above all others? Aside from our skill and expertise, we at Magnet-Me are passionate about what we do.

In our seven years’ worth of experience, we have come to realize what photography is truly all about. More than even art, photography is all about capturing fleeting moments. It is about documenting places, people, things and events that will never be the same again. Events come and go. People can keep in touch, and places may be revisited time and time again. However, how things are today will not be the same as they will be tomorrow. We understand the need to capture fleeting moments. And not only do we comprehend this, we value this truth and we take care of it. This makes us one of the best in the industry – we not only have the skill and experience to make sure that your shots come out beautiful, we have the thoughtfulness to make sure that photos capture the atmosphere, happiness, magic and sentiment of each and every event that we cover.

Also, the instant photo magnets we offer are long-lasting and durable to ensure that you enjoy them for a very long time. This makes our service a good photo booth alternative as a photo booth print-out tends to be more susceptible to damage.

If you want to learn more about us, our background in photography, and our photo magnets for events, drop us a line or send us an email today! We will gladly answer all the queries you may have.