Birthday Party Ideas
Celebrate Birthdays With Photo Magnets

Thinking of a fun birthday party ideas? Be unique with instant photo magnets AT your event! Your guests will be thrilled to take home a memory of your event!

Birthdays are one of those occasions that people love to attend. Sure, some are in denial of growing a year older but the best thing about birthdays is that you can make it a grand celebration. The important thing is that you’ll have food, friends and family and lots of fun. No matter whose birthday is coming up, people always like to be celebrated.

They like to be remembered and they like to feel special. Birthdays come and go but everyone wants to come up with extraordinary birthday ideas and to experience birthday celebrations that they will remember forever.

With all the preparations that is needed for a birthday, a birthday gift is most likely the one thing that’s easily forgotten or neglected just because guests have the tendency to not keep them. They either just put them aside or just totally forget about it. So how can you make your birthday gift worth keeping? Magnet-Me is your answer!

One of the best birthday ideas are photo magnets as a take away gift for all your guests. Have your guests photo’s printed into photo magnets which they will never throw away!

Magnet-Me snap professional and candid shots throughout the course of the event. They are instantly printed into photo magnets and guests will then be able to collect them simply by choosing their photo magnets off of our magnetic board. Simple and fast!

The best part of having photo magnets at your birthday is the fact that you can personalize photo magnets to match the theme of your party. You are able to choose from our wide selection of frames or design a unique frame entirely. Once you have selected your chosen frame you will then be able to include any text you wish on the frame. It’s an exceptional idea as the memories you create on your special night will be forever lasting and useful for your guests! In fact your amazing night will be always on your mates fridge!

Our photo fridge magnets fit any birthday of any age and we love to be there to celebrate each year with you, you know we never get tired of what we do cause we love it!

Birthday Party Ideas - 1st Birthday Party Ideas captured with photo magnets
Birthday Party Ideas
40th Birthday Celebrations
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A Unique Idea for your child's birthday

Is your little one celebrating his first birthday? Our photo magnets are an unique birthday gift for your guests and for your child.

Kids don’t often remember their early birthdays. Magnet-Me’s quality photo magnets would surely last long until they grow old. The magnet will serve as a great reminder of how much fun they had back in the day!

All it takes is one photo to help them recall their birthdays which were all colorful and sweet!

3rd Birthday with photo magnets
1st Birthday Party and photo magnets

Coming-of-Age Has Never Been This Cool

No matter which milestone birthday you are celebrating- we can help treasure every moment forever with our instant photo magnets AT your party.

We bring life to your party as we welcome your transition from childhood to youth years on your 13th birthday or celebrate your youth age of 16. Be the coolest teenager in town with photo magnets as keepsakes that your friends can take home with them.

You can toast to your legal age on your 18th birthday and have Magnet-Me mark that important event in your life for you through our photo magnets. This would be a good reminder for mum and dad that you’re officially legal to stay out late for a drink or two with friends. Just point at the fridge, in case they forgot!

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21st celebration with a retro open photo booth

Photo Magnets for Your Life’s Milestone

There’s nothing to worry about getting older.

They say that turning 30 would mean that you have left all the uncertainty and crazy times in your 20s and just welcomed adulthood with all your heart. At age 30, you are completely in control of your life and that includes your birthday!

life starts at 40! So start it right with either a grand four-o party or a gathering of close family and friends.

Make these milestones of your life more memorable by inviting Magnet-Me to take photos during the party and turn them into beautiful keepsakes!

Birthday Party Ideas – Melbourne

30th Birthday celebrating with photo magnets
Dress up party fun for a 40th - Photo magnets for 40th Birthday by Magnet-Me

Commemorative Photo Magnets

Are you throwing a birthday bash for your dad or mum’s  60th? Or a huge celebration for grandpa or grandma? Magnet-Me would give everyone the perfect memento to commemorate a wonderful event.

Celebrate it with wonderful photo magnets that would remind everyone of a great life a person has lived over the years and more to come. Gather family and friends together and we’ll take photos from everyone with the beloved celebrant and they can all take their photo magnet with them to remember that wonderful moment.



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