Frequently Asked Questions​ About Photo Magnets For Events

Some people may not be as familiar with photo magnets as others . While photo magnets themselves appear self-explanatory, we’ve compiled some questions that you may have or might be of relevance to you

What are photo magnets?

Simply put, instant photo magnets are photos printed on magnets. These are excellent and unique souvenirs to give your guests that they will want to certainly cherish and display.

Our professional photographer roam around during your event to take photos, After which, your photos are printed out on magnets during the event itself

That's cool! But do your photo magnets last long?

Our magnets are made of PVC material and are laminated so the magnets are waterproof and UV protected. You’re assured that the magnets would last a long time.

What size do your magnets come in?

Our high-quality, durable photo magnets come in 3×4-inch (100x75mm) prints.

For those who need to have Save the Date magnets printed, our products come in 6×4-inch prints.

Which package should I choose for me event?

We have several packages you can choose from, depending on your requirements, on how big your event will be, and how many guests you intend on having.

Please contact us and we will recommend a suitable package for your event.

Do I have to pay ahead to book your services?

You only have to pay a 50% deposit to reserve and confirm your indicated date.

What are your payment terms and methods?

Our payment terms may vary depending on the confirmation of booking and date of event. Fees can be paid through bank deposit or credit card. For further info about this, please read our Terms & Conditions attached to your quote.

If I opt for your services, can I have my magnets customized?

Yes, definitely. Our graphic designer can design your layout and magnet based on your theme and motif. For corporate events, we can add in your logo, while, for other events, such as weddings, we can add your desired text and pictures or graphics.

How long would creating the design take?

The frame design take only a few days to finish. You can sit down with our artist to implement the design you have in mind. We’ll send the design for your approval or in case you want it modified until you’re happy with it.

If you have your own graphic artist, you can create your design and send it to us. Just consider the measurements of our magnets.

What if I don't have much time for the design? Do you have available designs?

Yes, we do. We have pre-designed frames that you can choose from just in case you don’t have that much time to create a design from scratch. Don’t worry because you can still personalise it by creating your custom text and choosing a font typeface!

How long does it take to setup prior to the package start?

Setup take approximately 20-30 minutes. Setup time is not part of your package time.

How many of your staff will be onsite?

Typically, one photographer will be onsite to make sure that our service runs smoothly, and that you are satisfied with our offering.


For larger functions, we have two staff members who will photograph and create the magnets.

Where do you display the photo magnets?

Our staff will be printing new batch of magnets every 20 minutes and post them on our magnet board. You can get them during the event and before the festivities end.

We want to make sure that before you leave, you have a piece of the event to bring home with you.

Where will the magnets board be located?

Our magnet board is located on a strategic location onsite where everyone engage without to miss out of your event. You can go to the magnet board whenever you like and grab the magnets that you want.

How many magnets can I get?

You can get as many magnets as you want. All our packages include unlimited prints for the amount of time you employ our service.

What else do I get aside from the magnets?

Aside from the instant photo magnets for your guests, you will receive a package of photo magnets for yourself, without having to run to the magnet board throughout the night to collect your magnets.
You’ll also receive digital copies of all the photos of your event saved on a USB.

When will our digital photos and magnets be available?

You will get your own set of magnets and a USB with digital copies of all photos at the conclusion of our service.

Can I request more magnets?

Sure, you can! Just let us know which photos you’d like us to print and how many you’d like us to print. You just have to pay for the magnets and shipping and then we’ll have it delivered right at your doorstep.

Other than bonbonnieres, what else are the photo magnets good for?

Our photo magnets can also be printed as Save the Date cards. You can also create your own photo magnet and give it as a gift.

Do you cater to events outside Melbourne?

Yes, we do. For events outside Melbourne, we will include travel expenses in the quotation. It depends how far your event is.

I still have more questions, how can I reach you?

For more information about our services, call 1800 94 09 09 or fill out our contact form.


If you have other questions aside from those mentioned above, please do not hesitate to drop us a line or send us an email. We will gladly ask any question about Magnet-Me, our photo magnets for events, and how our service can help you create an even more memorable event. Also, should you opt for our service and instant photo magnets, set an appointment with us so we can go through your special requirements and requests. Meetings will not only help us get to know and understand the feel and tone of your event, it will help us ensure you that we will be able to deliver to you the best service possible.