The Engagement Party Idea You’ve Been Looking For!

While some people prefer to keep their engagement low-key, others want to have an engagement party to celebrate their upcoming wedding with their family and friends. This has made engagement photography pretty popular these days. Couples do not only want to celebrate their love with a wedding, they want to celebrate their union every step of the way and the best way to do that is to throw an engagement party.

Just like weddings, engagement parties should be carefully planned. With the many engagement party ideas out there, it would be a challenge to make sure everything is in order and the details are in check.

From theme to colours, from guest lists to food and from gift registry to engagement bonbonnieres, there are just a lot on the list. Magnet Me will help you tick one item of that list for you and that would be your personalised favours plus your engagement party photography!

The Perfect Engagement Favour Idea!

One of the best engagement party favours you can have is instant photo magnets. Instant photo magnets can be customised according to the motif and theme of the party or even of the upcoming wedding.

We make sure that your engagement bonbonnieres would look like just the way you want it. You can sit down and discuss your ideas with our designer to make sure that your photo magnets will look perfect.

Our professional photographer will willingly go around the party and take photos of you and your guests, these will then be printed every twenty minutes into beautiful photo magnets with your design on it. Right on our magnetic board your guests can pick out any photo magnet they want!

They are also extremely handy to carry around during the event because of their size. Our photo magnets will make unique souvenirs your guests will want to bring home and display on their fridge.

Here are some of the fantastic engagement parties we’ve been a part of. See if you get some party ideas for your upcoming engagement party. Or simply look at the wonderful moments captured and let their happiness resonate to you!

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Celebrating an Engagement Party - Photo magnets make Engagements fun

A Great Way to Remember Your Engagement Party!

What makes Magnet Me’s photo magnets a great favour idea?

It’s one of those engagement bonbonnieres that will help you and your guests remember your wonderful night.

Engagement parties are perfect for both the soon-to-be bride and groom to introduce family and friends from both sides since these will be the people who would often meet from this point onwards. Through the photo magnets they’ll get, they would easily be reminded of the new faces they met so that when they meet again, they won’t be stranger to each other anymore.

If you have already decided a date for your wedding as early as your engagement party, the photo magnets could also be utilized as your Save-the-Date invites to everyone on the party. You can add the date on your frame design and anyone in the party whom also be there to witness your wedding day.

We would love to be there and continue your story of love through our photo magnets from your engagement party. How about having us for your wedding too?

We offer the same service for your wedding as with your engagement party. You can modify the design of the photo magnet of your engagement party to make it fit your wedding theme! In just a snap you’ll have new photo magnet designs for different purposes which show everyone same passion, commitment and love.

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Celebrating an Engagement Party - Photo magnets make Engagements fun