Photo Magnets – Perfect Personalised Bonbonnieres for Your Wedding

Wedding Bonbonnieres Ideas: Weddings are one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life – and a man’s, too. It’s one of the major events in a person’s life that is filled with all the capture-worthy, picture-perfect moments that any event photographer just can’t get enough of. Be it from the couple themselves, their families and friends, or the rest of the guests.

In magical moments like these, you need to have everything well-documented for you and your guests to easily remember that day. And we can add to your magical moment!

Magnet-Me knows exactly what you need for your wedding and that is a bonbonniere that can preserve all the beautiful memories in one photo – a photo magnet, to be exact!

One of the best wedding favours to opt for is the photo magnet. Not only are photo magnets unique personalised bonbonniere, they are classic mementos that your guests will want to keep and cherish forever. Guests love getting snapped by our talented photographer – much more professional than a regular Photo Booth!

Our years of experience and our passion for our craft has gained us the trust of our clients that we will deliver the best quality of photos. The joy that we bring to you when we perfectly capture those moments is what drives us to give only the best. Because your special day is worth it!

Wedding bonbonnieres ideas - photo magnets
Wedding bonbonnieres ideas - photo magnets
Wedding bonbonnieres ideas - photo magnets Wedding bonbonnieres ideas - photo magnets Open photo booth Melbourne

Here is a short video that shows how fun and engaging photo magnets are for weddings

Magnet-Me is the perfect wedding favour and wedding entertainment idea for you.

Our photo magnets can be personalised according to your wedding feel and theme. You can tell the story of your love through these spectacular wedding bonbonniere by requesting for a particular design and layout which our graphic designer can create for you.

You can choose among our pre-designed frames or you can play with your imagination and creativity by thinking of the perfect design for your wedding. You can do this by adding a touch of your theme to your frame and scribble a few text or your favourite love quote. You could also add the date so everyone would not only be reminded of your beautiful wedding but also your anniversary every year!

Magnet Me prides itself on being a unique bonbonniere. If you think photo booths are too typical, then we are the best photo booth alternative you could find.

Every shot has a story and impact and the moments are always well-captured by our professional photographers. No bad lighting. No bad angles. No need to crowd inside one frame. And the best thing about it? You and your guests don’t need to leave their tables or the dance floor and wait in line to have your photos taken!

Our photographer captures memorable moments throughout the entire event, making these photo magnets available for you and your guests to take home during the night. Not only are these wedding bonbonniere unique and one-of-a-kind, they are easy to carry around and place in your bag – especially if you want to dance the night away without having to worry about lugging around bulky wedding favours.

You don’t need to worry about your guests running out of wedding favours – and they don’t need to rush on getting one, too. We print the photo magnets every 20 minutes and post them on our board, all ready for your guests to collect their own.

After the event, we’ll give you a copy of all photos taken during the night. Plus, you’ll have your magnets to keep, too! This all leaves everyone happy and overjoyed on your wedding day. Talk about spreading the love around!

Here are a few thoughtful words from our clients and how they’re very happy to have Magnet Me be part of their wedding day.


Take a look at these beautifully captured moments in some of the weddings we’ve worked with!


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