Work Christmas Party Ideas That Will Stay With You Forever

Christmas Party Ideas: Christmas is one of the most celebrated times of the year. With all the merry and cheer, everyone will surely look forward to celebrating this season!

Whether at home or at work this wonderful time is also a busy time for any individual. Home and office decorations, gift shopping and gift giving, dinner invitations, food preparations and of course the endless Christmas parties around.

Even the corporate world has no escape with all the holiday rush. But why not when you know it will be totally worth it?

Companies – big or small – around the globe would also love to celebrate Christmas in the workplace. With all the work in the office, everyone from top management to rank-and-file staff would love to take a break and get some well-deserved time off.

A company or organisation will usually hold a work Christmas party before they close shop for a few weeks during the holidays. As most Christmas celebrations in the office go, events typically feature food and alcohol. So before you send everyone to celebrate the holidays with their family, send them off with the perfect Christmas party. Let them know how much you care and how important they are by giving them a wonderful time.

Leave Your Crowd Impressed

Whatever Christmas party idea you have in mind, make sure to find the best way to make that moment last.

The best Christmas party ideas don’t just rely on a big budget or how much you spend on it. There are many different ideas out there to make sure you’ll create a party worth remembering and reminiscing. If you invest your hard-earned company profit on a well-allocated party resource, you’ll find your staff not only merely enjoying the party, but creating memories.

However, how can a business make sure that its work Christmas party is more memorable with each passing year? How can celebrations stand out and stay in the minds of employees and staff members?

It’s easy. You can count on Magnet-Me.


Instant Photo Magnets

Magnet-Me’s event photography service will bring in the fun and entertainment for your company’s Christmas party.

Our instant photo magnets help create a more memorable work Christmas party by giving your guests souvenirs they want to keep and cherish forever. The Magnet-Me team takes professional and candid shots throughout the course of the event, which they then develop into photo magnets for your guests on the spot.

You can all pose and smile for the camera and have beautiful memorabilia of your Christmas party. We also love to capture all the candid moments in the party. All those beautiful moments printed on beautiful photo magnets you can take home. They are instantly printed and guests can collect them then and there simply by choosing theirs. Simple and effective!

So go ahead and let loose! Show that other side of you that you don’t often get to show in the office. Your Christmas party will be filled with more surprises and revelations all perfectly captured and printed to make your memories last

This Christmas Party Idea is Going to Be The Talking Point of Your Event

Guests love to have their photos taken. Whether it’s through professional lenses or their smartphones, no one leaves an event without taking photos of fun memories they had.

Magnet-Me can take all that fuss out. We’d gladly take photos of you and your co-workers. We make sure to capture the best and most fun moments that you’d surely love to share (and even laugh about) with everyone in your company. No need to worry about event photos – we’ll handle them for you. Just go ahead and be merry and enjoy your party.

Not only will your guests be able to fully enjoy the event, they will also be able to bring home a piece of the night with them. They can then display these instant photo magnets on their fridge so they are always reminded of a fun and awesome work Christmas party.

Aside from the photo magnets that they can take home, we’ll be giving you a digital copy of all photos of your event. You can post them on your company’s page to show that you guys not only work hard but also know how to have fun.

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Xmas - image  on

Unique Christmas Party Favours

Christmas is a great time to give and be generous to everyone who has worked hard for the company. Some are accustomed to receiving bonuses and incentives during this season. Other receive Christmas packages sponsored by the company or hold a raffle where nobody goes home empty-handed.

The idea of giving to each and every one of your co-workers is great. It makes Christmas merrier. But like they say, it’s the thought that counts. So how can you make party favours as something with a lot of thought that would surely count as a great memory for everyone?

Our photo magnets may be of the same material but no one magnet will look alike because the photos printed are different (not unless you order for copies of the same magnet). It might seem like a little thing but it would mean a lot to the recipient especially if the magnet they got is the highlight of their evening.

Another advantage of our services is we’re not bulky – both our set-up and our magnets. Unlike photo booths which needs a dedicated place for their background, props, cameras, and printers, we don’t need that much space. We just need a place to print and we’ll just place our magnet board in a visible location so everyone can view what we’ve printed so far.

Lastly, we don’t require far too much preparations from you. You can coordinate with our artists about your design and we assure you we’ll work on it right away. Also, if you have your graphic artist in the office, you can create your own design and send it to us even just a day before your event. Although we strongly advise our clients to book ahead of time. As long as we have confirmed your booking, you have nothing to worry from that point on.

Convincingly so, our product and service would not only satisfy your party needs. We add up to the happiness of your workers too. Taking home something to remind them of a great party is more than just a bonus for them!

Corporate Christmas Party
Choose your photo magnet frame
Christmas Party Ideas - Instant Photo Magnets
Christmas Party Ideas - Instant Photo Magnets
Choose your photo magnet frame

Magnet-Me is not only a perfect Christmas party idea. We fit in any corporate event or fundraising activity that you have. Since the photo magnets are customisable, you can easily change up your Christmas design to something more appropriate to your event. You can sit down with our designers on how you want your photo magnets to look like or choose from our wide-array of available frames.

You’d experience the same satisfaction when you see your guests well-entertained and happy to take home their souvenirs from your event.

If you want to learn more about us and what photo magnets can do to help you create a more memorable event, call us or send us an email today. Once you set an appointment with us, we can sit down and talk to you about your upcoming party and your requirements


We put you first in our service. We’d like to sit down and listen to what you want for your event so we can craft the perfect design and capture the perfect moments. 

At Magnet-Me, your joy is our joy. We offer you the best quality for the best day of your life.

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