1. In consideration of the Magnet-Me Pty Ltd and its nominated entity providing a Business Profile, financial and any other information relating to the business (the “Confidential Information’) to the Recipient, the Recipient acknowledges the confidentiality of the information and the potential damage to Magnet-Me and the Business of a breach of confidentiality and undertakes:

a.        to keep confidential the Confidential Information

b.       to use the Confidential Information solely for the purpose of evaluating the opportunity to purchase the business from the Magnet-Me Pty Ltd or its nominated entity, and for no other purpose

c.       not to use or allow the Confidential Information to be used to gain any advantage to the Recipient or any other party

d.       not to allow the use of the Confidential Information to disadvantage the Magnet-Me or the Business not to disclose the Confidential Information other than to professional advisors, directors or employees of the Recipient who must have agreed to be bound by this Confidentiality Agreement, and who undertake to maintain strict security over the Confidential Information.  Where the Recipient is acting on behalf of its client, the client also agrees to be bound by this Confidentiality Agreement.

e.       to return all Confidential Information and related notes or copies thereof upon request by Magnet-Me Pty Ltd not to communicate the Recipient’s interest in the business either directly or indirectly with any customers, suppliers or employees of the Business without written consent.

  1. The Recipient acknowledges that this is a binding agreement and makes this undertaking in favour of Magnet-Me

This Confidentiality Agreement was last updated on 28 March 2024. To download a PDF version of this Confidentiality Agreement Download Now